Meet the Artist

  • Meet the Artist: Bill Toles | Sound Designer

    Get a look into the mind of sound designer Bill Toles, who crafted the sonic landscape in The Coffin Maker at Pittsburgh Public Theater. Available on demand until July 14.

  • Meet the Artist: Mark Clayton Southers

    This Pittsburgh theater legend, inspired by his mentor August Wilson, is in the midst of a cycle of his own about Black experiences in America -- The Coffin Maker is his seventh installment.

  • Meet the Artist: Jenny Koons

    Sit down with the director and writer responsible for Pittsburgh Public Theater's newest adaptation of The Importance of Being Earnest, Jenny Koons.

  • Meet the Artist: Sara Porkalob

    Join Sara Porkalob as she discusses not only the creation of Dragon Lady but the importance of finding the humanity in ourselves. See how the power of art and storytelling has helped Sara discover who she is and the legacy she wishes to leave behind. (Content Rated PG)

  • Meet the Artist: Matthew Whitaker

    Introducing Matthew Whitaker, acclaimed pianist and music director of BILLY STRAYHORN: SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR. Follow Matthew on his journey through music and the unique challenges he faces as a music director who is visually impaired. Learn how he approaches the process, how music has shaped his ...

  • Meet the Artist: Dell Howlett

    Meet Dell Howlett, choreographer of BILLY STRAYHORN: SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR at Pittsburgh Public Theater. Learn what a choreographer is, and how they help shape a story through movement. Hear about Dell's unique artistic journey and even get a chance to try out your own moves by learning a basic s...

  • Meet the Artist: Kent Gash and Rob Zellers

    Sit down with playwrights Rob Zellers and Kent Gash, who co-wrote BILLY STRAYHORN: SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR at Pittsburgh Public Theater. Learn about the art of directing, playwriting, and how collaboration is at the heart of theater and storytelling. (Content rated PG)